All Active Tenders

Title Division Tender_No Submission Last Date Corrigendum
Encap Resin and Hardener - Make: Randpoly Systems C-2(b)/RC/302/14605/2018 Saturday, May 26, 2018
DC DP Cabinets - Make : AMAR RAJA Systems C-2(b)/RC/910/0071/2018 Monday, May 28, 2018 Corrigendum-I
Tender Notice for Supply of Multi-crystalline Solar Cells, (5 Bus Bar) Wattage Minimum 4.62 Watt Solar C-2(b)/RC/0700/8070/2018 Tuesday, May 29, 2018
DUAL RELAY QNN1 6F/2B Systems C-2(b)/RC/302/14607/2018 Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Corrigendum-I
RELAY NON AC IMMUNE QN1K 6F/6B Systems C-2(b)/RC/302/14606/2018 Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Corrigendum-I
Supply of Toughened Glass, Size: 870 X 655 mm Solar C-2(b)/RC/0700/8071/2018 Thursday, May 31, 2018
Supply of Toughened Glass, Size: 795 X 655 mm Solar C-2(b)/RC/0700/8072/2018 Thursday, May 31, 2018
Consultancy services for Rain Water Harvesting for Administration Building & area in front of Administration building. Others C-2(b)/WC/907/ 238/2018 Monday, June 4, 2018