Railway Signalling

CEL's Solar Power Panel for station of Indian Railways

The efficient running and control of railway traffic, one of the largest means of transportation in the country is seriously hampered by irregular grid supply, often resulting in traffic congestion and great inconvenience to public and adversely affecting the operating cost.The alternative method of supplementing grid supply by the use of Diesel Generator sets pose considerable logistic problems. It has a high maintenance cost, necessitating use of additional DG Sets as stand-by. Diesel oil has to be transported to the far-flung location at prohibitive cost. Diesel oil is further prone to pilferage. Thus this alternative becomes extremely costly, apart from disadvantage of atmospheric pollution. As a result of decade of research and field experience CEL now brings the source of power - SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER SOURCE by harnessing the Solar Energy abundantly available and non-polluting by nature. CEL 's SPV power system comprising of the Solar Photovoltaic arrays, storage batteries and control electronics now offers the best alternative power source for panel station of Indian Railways.


A typical SPV power source for Panel Stations for Railways consists of: 

  • A Solar Photovoltaic Array.
  • A Battery Bank.
  • An Electronic Control Unit and Panel.