Frequently Asked Questions for SSDAC

I see communication Error (40). What do I do?

1. Disconnect the link and check TX and Rx signal of Modem using a voltmeter. The receive signal should be more than 100mV.
2. Check the DIP switch in the modem.
3. Check that the cables are properly terminated and not loose.
4. Check that correct quad pairs are in use.
5. Continuity of Armour cable to be checked throughout.
6. Check surge module in the SVPD box for modem line.
7. Measure Insulation resistance, Loop resistance, crosstalk of Quad cable.
8. Check ripples in the DC-DC supply., This should be <50 mv.
9. Change MODEM card if all parameters found OK.

I see link error (30). What do I do?

1. Disconnect the link and check the Tx and Rx power. Tx power should normally be ___ mV and Rx should be more that 100mV.
2. DIP switch in the modem card to be checked.
3. Check surge module in the SVPD box for modem line.
4. If Mode LED found glowing then check the Input supply portion.
5. Check dc-dc conv supply.
6. If all parameters found OK then change the MODEM card.

What measures to be taken when data downloading not possible?

Check following indications on the Event Logger card

1. RUN LED to be flashing.
2. LOG LED occasionally flash.
3. DND LED flashes while downloading.

If above LED indications were proper and data downloading still not possible then check USB to Serial Converter and serial cable. Also check whether correct application for data downloading is being used. If all indications above are normal and downloading not proper then change Event Logger Card.

What steps to be taken in case of shunt errors, negative count error and supervisory error?

Check the movement of the train, if it is proper then check,

1. Check TX and RX coil hole adjustment.
2. Mounting of Sensors.
3. Check coil resistance of TX and RX coil cable.
4. Measure all SCC and Coil related parameters.
5. Check dc-dc conv supply.

What steps to be taken in case of Trolley related errors?

SSDAC system counts the following Trolley

1. Push trolley with perforated wheels.
2. Dip lorry
3. Motor Trolley
4. Flange height >25mm, Flange width>12mm, Wheel base>100mm

Check the above dimensions of the trolley wheels.

What measures to be taken when Relay related errors(50,52,53) comes?

1. Check the dc-dc converter supply first.
2. Check whether Relay inserted properly.
3. Check front contact in case of 52
4. Check back contact in case of 53.
5. Check coupler related to relay i.e. MS3 to MS7
6. Check relay driver indication.
7. If problem persists then replace relay driver card.

What steps to be taken when CPU related errors (61 and 62) comes?

When error 61 comes then watch the error in adjacent CPU and take necessary action according to the error code.
When error 62 comes the change the adjacent MLB card.
Don't chnage MLB card in case of error 61.

What steps to be taken when configuration error comes?

Check DIP switch settings at the motherboard of the field unit. Readjust the dip switch and if problem persists then change the SSDAC housing.