Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.

Title Division Tender Number Submission Last Date Corrigendum
Annual Contract for Servicing and Stamping of Weighing Machine in CEL Administration 0903/1171/2020 23 Jan, 2021
Sales Promotion Video film for remote voting machine Microwave 605/0001/2021 23 Jan, 2021
ESD MAT AND OTHERS ITEMS Microwave 7890/0005/2021 22 Jan, 2021
COPPER WIRE Microwave 602/3230A1/2021 22 Jan, 2021
SOLDERING AND DESOLDERING STATION SET Microwave 7890/0003A1/2021 22 Jan, 2021
Procurement of Crimping Soldering lugs SPD 302/15094/2021 21 Jan, 2021
Procurement of Sigma Digital, Dail Tension Guage and Variac Panel SPD 7785/00097/2021 20 Jan, 2021
PCB FLAXIBLE FOR C-BAND Microwave 602/3225/2021 20 Jan, 2021
Design, Supply of BOS, Procurement, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioninginclusive of 1-Year Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of 2.75 MWp Grid Interactive Ground Mounted Solar Power Project at Indian Oil LPG Bottling Plant, Trichy, Tamil Nadu with its further Comprehensive O&M for 4 Years Solar C-2(b)/RC/0800/0013/2021 20 Jan, 2021
LATEX RUBBER MOULD Microwave 604/0050/2021 20 Jan, 2021