Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.


Name Designation Phone Number Email
Shri Chetan Prakash Jain CMD 0120-2895140 cmd[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Anil Mahajan GM (Services and Retail Sales, SPV-P ) 0120-2895147 anilmahajan[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. P.C. Awasthi GM (SPV-M) 0120-2895149 pcawasthi[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. A.K. Sain GM (FAD) 0120-2895166 aksain[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Smt. Sarita Koul GM (MED) 0120-2895155 saritakoul[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. R.P. Singh GM (SPD) 0120-2895163 rprpsingh[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. C.S. Chaudhary GM (QAC) 0120-2895145 cschaudhary[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Rajat Garg GM(HRD) 0120-2895143 rajatgarg[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Satyam Singh GM (M-SPV, SSG, IT) - satyam[dot]singh[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. R.K. Rai AGM(BD) 0120-2895165 rkrai[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Anupam Tyagi AGM (SPV-SP) 0120-2895151 anupam[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. S.K. Jain AGM (Services and Retail Sales) - skjain[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. P.K. Kulshrestha AGM (ED) 0120-2895161 PKKulshrestha[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. A K Singh AGM (SPV-PE) - AK[dot]Singh[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Surendra Kumar AGM (MED) 0120-2895158 surendra_kumar[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Darpan Pathankoti AGM(SPD-P) 0120-2895163 darpan[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Sunil Kumar Sharma AGM(ECD) 0120-2895158 sksharma[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Sadhan Kumar Swain AGM(SPV-M) 0120-2895146 sadhan[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Sandeep Aggarwal AGM (SPD- R and D) 0120-2895163 sandeep[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Somanath Bhattacharyya AGM (PCM and RADOME Production) - snbhattacharya[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Hemant Kumar Dubey AGM(MMD) - hemant[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in
Sh. Manoj Sharma PRO 9717985544 pro[at]celindia[dot]co[dot]in