Central Electronics Limited

A Mini Ratna Enterprise A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.


Q1- Why should I buy CEL modules?

Ans: It’s an important query in everybody’s mind. Solid reasons to buy only CEL’s modules are elaborated as below:

a)     CEL is the first company who manufactured first solar module in India in 1978.

b)    Our modules from that first lot are still working in our factory and other places also. We had also set up the first commercial solar plant in India in 1992 and it is still in operation complying all International Quality Standards.

c)     Our long standing manufacturing means we are a reliable supplier, proud of our legacy, having huge experience and innovation behind us and all this means we always focus on delivering quality and customer satisfaction. Otherwise, how could we thrive (and not just survive!) for so long.

d)    Genuine Product Warranty: 10 year warranty on material and workmanship & Power Warranty: 25 year linear power output.


Q2- What are the Quality Certificates CEL has as on date?

Ans: All the National & International Quality Certificates for Solar Modules are available with CEL showing environmental endurance and electrical performance along with Electroluminescence tested for micro-cracks in cells.

Following Quality Certificates are available with us:

IEC 61215

 IEC 61730

 IEC 61701

 IEC 61853,

IEC 62804 UL

Q3- What is the availability of Module range:

Our modules are available in wide range of wattages and cell configuration. See below for availability of Modules:

-         36/60/72 cell configuration with more efficiency producing more wattage ranging from 10wp, 20wp, 70wp, 75wp, 80wp, 100wp, 300wp.320wp, 325wp & 335wp.


Q-4: What is the size and weight of different wattage of Solar Modules?

Ans: You can see all the technical details at our website at www.celindia.co.in


Q-5: In support of Govt.of India’s Mission of  “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, I am keen to purchase Made in India Products only, but of course they should be reasonably priced. How it can be ensured that CEL’s Modules are Made in India product?

Please don’t worry on that. Our solar modules are 100% “Made in India” product, produced on finest module production line using world class materials and are considered an industry benchmark. With the kind of design quality, certifications and testing, our solar modules are very -very reasonably priced.


Q-6: I want to have a small roof-top solar plant and I am interested in buying the full kit and not just the solar modules. Can you please guide in this regard?

Ans: No Problem, at all. We sell the full kit as Compact Power pack including Batteries, inverter, module mounting structures, junction boxes etc. and also provide installation & commissioning services. You can order any or all of the items from our retail counters located at Sahibabad (Ghaziabad), Delhi, Pune & Chennai You may also visit our website for further details at www.celindia.co.in.

 You may please contact us on retailsale@celindia.co.in / +91-9810464585