Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.

CPSE-Central Electronics Limited gets very good performance rating from DPE, Govt. of India

20 Jan, 2022



Central Electronics Limited

     (A Government of India Enterprise)

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Press Note


CPSE-Central Electronics Limited gets very good performance rating from DPE, Govt. of India

New Delhi

Government of India has given ‘very good’ rating to Central Electronics Limited, Govt. of India Enterprise, which has performed outstandingly well in the financial year 2020-21. This rating was given in OM released by Department of Public Enterprise, Ministry of Finance. The MoU Score of CEL is 75.55 on a scale of 100. CEL is a profit earning PSU for many years. It is worth lauding that CEL has performed outstandingly well despite the Covid-19 pandemic which impacted business and manufacturing operations every where. 


Manoj Kumar Sharma, PRO of CEL said that CEL is a pioneer in Solar Technologies, Railway Electronics, Electronic Ceramics and Microwave electronics. CEL manufactured the 1st solar cell of India and the 1st Solar Module in year 1978. For 43 years the company has been serving the far-flung areas of country through various Solar PV products like Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Power Plants, etc. CEL supplied foldable solar modules to the Indian Armed Forces for use in high snow bound regions of Himalayas. CEL has done installations of Solar Power Plants at remote and tough locations of India. The company has designed and fabricated specialized flexible solar panels for use as roof of the solar rickshaw. 

                     These solar panels provide continuous charging of the batteries throughout the day and effectively double the distance that the rickshaws can cover in a day resulting in reduction in physical effort by the rickshaw pullers as well as increase in their daily earnings. CEL has also installed Solar PV Modules on roofs of railway coaches for providing electricity to the coaches for powering and running various in-coach facilities. The company is an active player in various Smart City projects of the government and provides Project Management Consultancy too.

                               CEL has designed and installed a range of power plants on its campus. The entire energy requirement of the administrative building of CEL is met through Solar PV installations and it has received Platinum Rated prestigious IGBC Green Existing Building Award. There are four BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) power plants using specially designed and fabricated solar panels for covering the car parking area which function as demonstration plants for railway platforms, industrial sheds, warehouses etc.

PRO informed that CEL is country’s leading manufacturer of RDSO approved railway safety and signaling systems with a market share of 60% and working on failsafe new generation railway signaling and safety systems.  CEL is fulfilling the Make-in India initiative of Govt. of India by taking the technologies developed by National Laboratories and establishing the common platform between National Labs (Developer), manufacturer and promoter.

CEL is manufacturing critical products for strategic and defense applications which include Ceramic Radome for missiles, PCMs for radar, Circulators & Isolators for ISRO, Body armours (Bullet proof jackets and Vests), Laser fencing systems for border security and Drishti equipment for safe landing of airplanes. CEL is also executing integrated security and surveillance projects at various government establishments.