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The Single Section Digital Axle Counter SSDAC-710P is the latest model of Single Section Axle Counters from CEL. It is used for Train detection in station sectioned for detecting occupancy of railway track section primarily for the vital control of section occupancy. Examples of applications of axle counters are:

v  Train detection in automatic signaling section for signal control

v  Train detection in the block section for block proving.

v  Train detection in Railway yards.

The SSDAC-710P uses its track sensors on each end of a track section to continuously monitor and count the train axles passing in and out of that section. If the number of axles in the section is zero and there is no defect or disturbance, the system declares the section to be unoccupied. This is typically signaled by picking up a relay. In all other cases, the system declares that the section is occupied and the relay is dropped. This system works with two detection points only. 

SSDAC-710P has been designed in accordance with RDSO specification No. RDSO/SPN/177/2012 following CENELEC standards.

Components of SSDAC-710P

The SSDAC-710P system consists of the following components:

ü  Axle counting field unit - 2 Nos.

ü  Web-mount axle detectors - 2 Nos.

ü  Reset Unit - 2 Nos.

ü  Vita Relay Unit - 2Nos.

ü  SVPD Unit - 2 Nos.