Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.

Title Division Tender Number Submission Last Date Corrigendum
SUPPLY OF NORYL CAP (PICK-UP END) AND NORYL CAP (RADIATING END) Microwave 0602/3510/2024 27 Feb, 2024
SUPPLY OF COTTON WASTE Microwave 0602/3512/2024 27 Feb, 2024
R&M- P/M Repairing of Magnetizer and R&M- P/M Repairing of Gauss meter Microwave 0602/3515/2024 26 Feb, 2024
SUPPLY OF X-BAND NORYL CAP (PICK-UP/RADIATING END) Microwave 0602/3511/2024 26 Feb, 2024