Central Electronics Limited

A Govt. of India Enterprise Under DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology.


To Produce Signaling equipment we have expert team like:


Ø  Marketing          

ü  System marketing team liaising with different zones of Railway Installation, commissioning of equipments.

ü Market survey

ü  Feedback from customers.

ü  To meet customer satisfaction/requirement of signaling equipment.

Ø  Production Planning and Control (PPC)   

ü Planning of production of equipment.

ü  Procurement of materials through approved vendor by the RDSO

üMonitoring of production of equipment delivered to Railway within time.

Ø  Production Engg. Group (PEG) 

ü  Preparation of Bill of Material (BOM)

ü  Preparation of drawing (Mechanical/Electronics) main unit and sub-assembly

ü  Time to time update the documents

ü  Control of all documents as per ISO guidelines.

ü  CAD facilities


Ø  Quality Control 

ü  Inspection of all incoming materials as per quality plan and also follow Bharat Standard.

ü  In process inspection to control the quality of product.

ü  Final inspection of the equipment.

ü  Inspection of equipment by the RDSO 

We have different types of equipment for inspection IGI material and finish product. Vibration, Bump testing on object to produce quality product.


Ø  Work shop

 We have fabrication shop and Tool Room. Fabrication of different types of cabinet, sub-components, Tools etc. 

Facilities: Shearing machine, Press Breaks, Power Press, Notching Machine, Nibbling Machine ARC welding machine, Milling machine, Lathe Machine, Grinding Machine etc.


Ø  Production Assembly

ü  Assembly of different type of PCB

ü  System wiring

ü  System integration

ü  Encapsulation of Receiver and Transmitter body 

Facilities : Wave soldering for through hole components, SMT machine with pick and placement and re-flow oven, ESS chamber for climatic test.